25 / 05 / 2015

DAIL Software predicts success of Sweden in Eurovision

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Dail Software anticipated that Sweden would win Eurovision last edition. How?

We compiled the songs of the winning countries of all Eurovision editions, as well as songs from the 2015 edition of this festival.

With all the lyrics, we first made a terminology extraction and then a contrastive analysis of the 10 most frequent words of the winning songs and of the songs presented to last festival.

Thus, it was concluded that Sweden was the country most likely to win the 2015 edition.
The most repeated words in Eurovision 2015 were: love, heart, tonight, time, heroes, make, mind, tomorrow, give and goodbye.

The software revealed that Sweden repeated 18 times the word “hero”, 6 times “time”, twice “make”, 6 times “mind” and once “tomorrow”.

Do you want to know the rest of the study?

*To open the extraction files, you have to unzip and open them with TESAURVAI.

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