25 / 05 / 2017

What does political parties promise?

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DAIL software has analysed the electoral programmes of political parties for the upcoming elections of May 24th, 2015

The objective of this analysis is to compare the language of the electoral programs of the main Spanish political parties. To this end, a terminological extraction of the programs was realised with the powerful terminological extractor included the tool TESAURVAI, and the 20 most repeated concepts in each electoral programme were selected.

The results show how the political parties share the same language repeating the concepts time and again instead of reflecting the vicissitudes of modern society. Izquierda Unida is the party that shares more terms with others (12), followed by Partido Popular (10), PSOE and PODEMOS (9) and UPyD (4).


Do you want to know the results?

*To open the extraction files, you have to unzip them and open them with TESAURVAI.


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