Social Clipping

Web platform developed for monitoring the media, both written and digital. In this way, you can know what is said about the topic you wish on the media. You can also know the mentions of your organization or products on the media or the mentions of your competitors, or any matter that may affect the interests of your company. You can apply the filters you wish to receive information of interest. You can choose a search term, the medium or country to optimise your search. With this service you can receive information to order:

  • Customise your clipping. You can receive your clipping with the periodicity you indicate.
  • Alert service. You can receive an alert when the information you wish to know appears on the media.
  • For your convenience, you will receive your clippings and alerts by email.

Access to Social Clipping

Customer Experience Suite

Our suit of solutions of Artificial Intelligence for improving the customer experience includes technologies for monitoring and analysing any source of opinion and interaction with an organization, brand or campaign and allows to:

  • Track and monitor any source of opinion or interaction (the media, social networks, emails, etc.)
  • Analyse the sentiment (polarity) of an opinion, as well as its strength
  • Intelligently classify these interactions and send alerts or tasks according to their polarity and typology (complaint, appreciation, petition, positive opinion, etc.)
  • Semantically analyse the content of the interactions to know what is said, how it is said, why it is said, and when people talk about us or with us.

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eMail Multilingüe

Email service that allows the interaction between speakers of different languages.

In an increasingly global environment, international communication gains grate importance. In DAIL Software, we are ready to cross this barrier and make communication possible regardless of the mother tongue of the speakers. Our main objective is to offer the international corporate communication a high quality service. We are currently working on Spanish, English, Russian, French and Japanese. We have set ourselves the objective of extending the list to many other languages.

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Smart Search and Document

Automatically extracting, exploring, managing, and classifying information brings great benefits in terms of time, privacy, efficacy and costs. This classifier is the solution to the management of large amounts of documents of various topics, sources, structures, languages and format.

It groups documents into folders which contain documents dealing with the same topic. Once the documents have been grouped, it is possible to search for a specific document in a folder by means of a powerful search engine.

Since the amount of information constantly increases, this classifier is designed for adding documents every time you need it.

Its classification algorithm can reclassify all the information according to the new added information or suggest storing it into a predefined specific structure.

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Relational Big Data

It refers to a knowledge base, that is, a repository of deductive capacities.

A minimum of logical rules are created and the system is able to deduct a great number of relationships.

What connects two entities? Why X knows Y?

Applying this solutions allows to extract knowledge which is implicit in data, a work that if done manually, it would be impossible to come to know it, at least in an affordable way.

Its practical applications brings a real added value.

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Original application that integrates in just one product a powerful term extractor and a tool for the creation and management of thesauruses. This increases productivity and makes it very comfortable to work since you can carry out all tasks in the same interface. With this tool you can, among other functions:

  • Create, delete, import and export thesauruses (XML and TXT format).
  • Extract terms from 1 word up to 7 words.
  • Add and edit terms.
  • Powerful term search engine.
  • Stablish relationships and organise terms by categories.
  • Create definitions and personal notes.
  • Introduce language equivalents according to the ISO standard 25964-1:2011.

A great novelty of this product is that it will be a plus version in which it is included the management of thesauruses by means of a graphic module. This module makes working on a thesaurus more visual and easier, which is of enormous usefulness. All this is integrated in a very intuitive interface created for making your work easier.

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