Showcase of leading-edge companies that are already using DAIL Software solutions to optimize their business procedures .

Data processing

Automatic processing of Curriculum Vitae data (unstructured information) and information retrieval.

Data Retrieval

Processing and retrieving information from a health care database to optimize resources.

Press Summaries

Digital media monitoring and daily distribution of press reports.

Social Media Monitoring

Digital and social media monitoring for managing, measuring and analysing online brand reputation.

Social Media Monitoring

Digital and social media monitoring for managing, measuring and analysing online brand reputation.

Call Center Search Engine

Tailor-made pilot developed for one of the energy leaders in Spain and Latin America. This tool speed-ups call center agent’s workflow, finding and providing the accurate information to the brand’s representative in real time. This tool uses natural language to provide intuitive and quick answers.

DAIL Software's technology is ratify by our customer's success stories

Productivity Increase
Efficiency Improvement
Cost reduction

Great advantages proved in our success cases

Join the companies that already use DAIL Software's expertise. Implementing our solutions will help your company to optimize resources and improve efficiency.

Optimize the productivity

The automatization of processes executed by our solution will make your company more competitive and your employees will be able to perform more tasks in less time.

Improve your customer’s experience

Be a leader in your industry improving your customer's experience. Reduce the response time and generate better interactions when clients connect with your brand.

Time and cost reduction

Integrating our corporate solutions will help your company's performance. The time and cost reduction when using our tools will make your company escalate quicker and smother.

Our technology is your technology

All our solutions are fully flexible and customizable to meet your all business needs.


We carefully select our partners to provide an outstanding service to our customers

Sales Partner

Space Start UP gestiona parte de la acción comercial DE DAIL, generan y mantienen una red de contactos comerciales y de clientes.

Its founder is part of DAIL Software shareholders and one of the 75 most active business angels in Spain

Technological Partner

Grupo ICA is an innovation leader providing technological solutions with over 30 years of experience.

Technological alliance in ​​Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Generation.

Partner Consultor

Gartner, is the world’s leading research and advisory company and a member of the S&P 500.

Gartner guides DAIL Software to place and sustain our technology in the international market.

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