As a result of implementing DATABILITY, DAIL Software's data managing solution, UNIR has significantly improved the recruitment process, optimizing the Human Resources department workflow. DATABILITY manages all candidates CVs data, making the recruiter job easier and quicker. This solution extracts and organises all the information automatically, no matter the format of the file, so UNIR staff can pinpoint the best suitable candidates faster. DATABILITY has proven great advantages during the quality of the recruitment, making possible the automation of this process and, therefore, increasing the department’s productivity.


UNIR is The International University of La Rioja, also known as The Online University. A new concept of online university that aims to be a global academic reference. UNIR has over 38,000 students effectively graduated and another 24,000 are currently preparing to do it soon. Our client has been awarded with Excellence in the Education Awards, it is a full member of CLADEA (Latin American Council of Management School) and through its Business School, it has been recognized by the United Nations as an educational institution that meets the 10 principles of the Global Compact.

The problem

Developing and implementing a fast and efficient recruitment tool for UNIR’s HR department is a key element to achieve its strategic goals. Pinpointing the best candidates (teachers and administrative) for each position is crucial to UNIR in order to offer best quality programmes to their students. UNIR receives a great deal of CVs from applicants and had stored all these files (pdf, word, etc.) without structuring the information. This had made the access to all the key data of documents unachievable for recruiters. In other words, UNIR was having problems retrieving information from a large database of files (in this case thousands of CVs).

The solution

DAIL Software’s team executed a plan to shape DATABILITY´s technology and match it up with the needs of UNIR’s HR department, improving and optimizing the resources to make the recruiter’s workflow more effective. Now, DATABILITY extracts automatically all important data (names, education, degree titles, actual years of work experience and teaching experience, etc.) for the recruitment team and it displays everything in a structured manner and in just few seconds. Once this key data is structured, UNIR staff is able to work with it, using customizable filters to pinpoint the best candidates. This solution, powered by Natural Language Processing (NLP), turns unstructured data into structured data. Hence, as a result of using DATABILITY, the allocated time and cost UNIR uses to recruit new personnel has been extremely reduced.


Incorporating DATABILITY to the HR department workflow, automatizes the recruitment process of the company.


DAIL Software has successfully integrated DATABILITY to UNIR’s work processes, in a tailor-made approach to meet the needs and expectations of the University.

Resource Optimization

Integrating DATABILITY the company streamlines the recruiter’s workflow, reducing the time response and increasing the job quality.

Recruitment improvement

This new recruitment procedure is so fast and effective that UNIR´s staff is able to evaluate the work experience and the skills of thousands of candidates to reach the best professionals in just minutes.

caso de éxito

The results

DAIL Software has successfully merged DATABILITY, modifying and adjusting some parameters (all tailored to the needs of the customer and the project), so this tool is now a key element into UNIR’s workflow. The University’s Human Resources department is now more precise and efficient, increasing the quality when recruiting new employees.