About us

DAIL Software is a Spanish leader company in Language Engineering and world referent.

Language Engineering is a branch of Artificial Intelligence that is based on the application of the knowledge on language and information technology to the development of technological solutions which are able to recognise, understand, interpret, search, process and generate value of human language in all its forms.

It was born from the Validation and Business Applications Research Group of the Technical University of Madrid. Influential technological holdings and investors in high potential technological companies have contributed to its consolidation.

Today DAIL is an international referent, and is the main sponsor of the UNESCO Chair on Language Technologies, TECLIN.

Jesús Cardeñosa

PhD in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence and Master’s degree in Knowledge Engineering

Miguel Ángel de la Villa

PhD in Artificial Intelligence

José Antonio Espinosa

Computer Engineer

Luis Iraola

PhD in Logical Reasoning

Christèle Legeard

Degree in Linguistics and Translation

Jorge Cardeñosa
Partner- CFO

Degree in Business Administration

Carolina Gallardo
Partner- Computacional Linguist

Degree in Linguistics, English Philology and PhD in Computer Science

Laura Martín-Pérez
Computacional Linguist

Degree in Spanish Philology and Master’s degree in Teacher Training

Mª Dolores García
Computacional Linguist

Degree in Translation and Master’s degree in Spanish as a Foreign Language

Carlos Herrero
Computacional Linguist

Degree in English Philology & East Asian Studies, and PhD in Linguistics

Rosalinda Laguerena
Software Developer

Master in Multimedia Engineering & Artificial Intelligence

Jonathan Rincón
Software Developer

Computer Engineer

Samanta Baragaño
Software Developer

Master in Artificial Intelligence

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