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Engineers and linguists united by a passion

DAIL was founded in 2013 as a spin-off of the Polytechnic University of Madrid with the aim of offering the market advanced technological solutions.

The team consists of engineers and linguists with in-depth scientific, technical and industrial experience across artificial intelligence, computer science, NLP and linguistics. The combination of extensive experience and proprietary technology makes DAIL stand out in the AI sector and enables it to solve complex problems.

Since 2021, Informa D&B, a subsidiary of CESCE, has been actively involved in the project as a partner, bringing its 30-plus years of experience in data management. This combination means we can deliver high value-added solutions primarily in the domain of enterprise data and related operational processes highly tailored to client needs. In this way, DAIL products and services will be a perfect complement to those already offered by INFORMA and CTI.

The core of our work is to provide hybrid artificial intelligence solutions that help enterprises streamline enterprise data processing and automate business processes.


Custom solutions supported by the latest technological advances

We help optimise your business processes and productivity with DAIL guarantees

  • 100% customer satisfaction
  • Data processing accuracy
  • Extraction of hidden knowledge from the written text
  • 1st company in artificial intelligence solutions for natural language processing in the Spanish language
Completed Projects


Facts that make us stand out

We have developed value-added services that deliver greater value to your data so you can get maximum performance.


Encontramos la solución óptima para cada problema gracias al funcionamiento ágil de nuestra tecnología. Combinaciones infinitas de módulos principales para ofrecer soluciones personalizadas de alto rendimiento.


No todos los datos son útiles, depende su su calidad. Por eso te garantizamos unos altos niveles de consistencia y validación en todos los servicios y productos proporcionados. La precisión de los datos es crucial para los procesos operacionales y transaccionales, y para confiabilidad de los análisis.


Analizamos juntos cuáles son tus objetivos, expectativas y dificultades a superar en el proceso. A partir de ese análisis diseñamos una solución personalizada combinando experiencia, conocimiento y tecnología basada en Inteligencia Artificial


It's not magic, it's science


We know how to read Spanish

And extract hidden knowledge from the written text. Knowing our client’s language model. To extract the relevant aspects of the document we are reading. To extract essential variables.

We know how to write Spanish

We can produce texts in Spanish from the variables provided so that it is impossible to tell whether it was written by a person or a machine.

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