NLP for Land Registry Certificates

Land registry reports

The vast majority of leading companies in the financial information sector manually extract data from land registry reports for later storage in subsequent databases and the automated processing of this information.

With a huge volume of documents per day, this process is extremely intensive and time consuming for any administrative or legal department.

Our goal is to improve efficiency and reduce times and costs in the processing of land registry reports thanks to Natural Language Processing (NLP) services.

Automated extraction of 74 items of data:
• Basic elements linked to report editing
• Ownership of the property
• Geographical data linked to the property
• Descriptive elements of the property
• Credit status of the property

Thanks to DAIL solutions, it has been possible to automate this process of reading land registry reports for virtually all the information contained in these documents.

The goal

The Artificial Intelligence service for process automation delivers:

• A reduction in the human resources allocated to this activity (70% fewer required).

• Increased process capacity and improved response time.

The differential value of this type of solution is:

• Comprehensive processing of data from a Land registry report.




High quality data processing with at least 80% accuracy with a data dictionary of over 75 items of data.


Our service adapts to customer needs, from the information reception and delivery process to the data processed or delivery times.


Packaged solution with the possibility of customer implemented within a minimum time and cost.


Expert team in linguistics and computing with in-house solutions and experience with native solutions in Spanish.

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