• Artificial Intelligence

    for communication between speakers of different languages
  • Inteligencia Artificial to improve customer experience

Our technology

Intelligently enriched lexicon items that guarantee extreme precision on Spanish text processing.

Search engines that guarantee information retrieval from online media in various languages.

Data Base which contains more than 1 billion of news articles from more than 2000 media in different languages and allows to constantly detect new language patterns for different purposes.

Term manager for terms up to five words that gives great richness to the search.

Relationship detection engine for identifying the relationship between entities or events.

Polarity detection engines for identifying opinion polarity, which ranges from positive to negative.

Semantic analyser for social network contents.

Our solutions

Social Clipping

Web platform developed for monitoring the media, both written and digital.

Customer Experience Suite

Monitoring and analysis of any source of opinion and interaction with an organization, personality, brand or company.

Multilingual eMail

Service that allows communication between speakers of different languages by email.

Document Management Suite

Intelligent management of large amounts of documents of various topics, sources, structures, languages and format.

Relational Big Data

Extraction of knowledge which is implicit in data, a work that if done manually, it would be impossible to come to know it, at least in an affordable way.


Application that integrates in just one product a powerful term extractor and a tool for the creation and management of thesauruses.

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