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What type of artificial intelligence does DAIL use?

DAIL is a spin-off of the Polytechnic University of Madrid, offering the market all the knowledge generated by its founding partners. This means that all the AI components we work with are proprietary developments. From intelligent classifiers and search engines to data mining — all automated and in unstructured environments. We like to talk about hybrid artificial intelligence, where process automation is centred on supplementing the user, not just replacing a person.

What is Natural Language Processing (NLP)?

In general, natural language processing is the automated processing of the language used by humans. NLP is a branch of artificial intelligence and can be tapped across a wide range of solutions, always with the aim of optimising tasks through automation. Specifically, DAIL leverages NLP techniques to automate business processes or any enterprise data with unstructured data.

What is the differential value of DAIL technology?

There are several factors we think make our technology stand out. Firstly, it is all developed by us, giving us great versatility to pivot solutions as client adaptations. Secondly, our technology is adapted to Spanish and to Spain’s co-official languages. And finally, the creators of these technologies are people with the highest possible education and experience, both in the technical team and among the founders.

Does DAIL use machine learning in its services?

Machine learning is a very useful branch of AI for certain use cases. For optimal use, meaningful samples are required to work on and this is not always possible in process automation. That is why DAIL boasts alternative approaches to machine learning if needed.

How can DAIL help my company in process optimisation?

Gartner estimates that upward of 80% of enterprise data today is unstructured. This leads to the generation of inefficient processes, usually carried out manually. At DAIL, we specialise in helping businesses automate enterprise data-related processes.

What kind of processes can be improved with artificial intelligence?

The process optimisation we offer, as discussed above, is related to the automated processing of enterprise data. For example, we can help with the automatic processing of land registry reports, appraisals and deeds, as well as the automatic reading of official documentation such as Journals with the specific objective of the client.

Are DAIL solutions bespoke projects?

At DAIL we have the capacity to develop bespoke projects if the client requires as such. That is why we have a consulting service area where we listen to what the client needs and help find the right solution. In general, DAIL solutions are ready to provide customer service. In some cases, a minor adaptation to the client's needs is necessary.

Is onboarding AI across my company’s processes complex?

Process optimisation with artificial intelligence is a task of varying complexity. Like any change in a company, it requires some level of adaptation to improve. At DAIL we opt for processes that have as little impact as possibel on the way our clients work. This is achieved, among others, through the aim of onboarding technology as a supplement for users and through adaptability to integrate with other client processes. Our goal is to help our clients with a pleasant transition to process optimisation.