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Customer Service

Accurate service is vitally important to customer satisfaction. This solution guarantees 85%-plus process accuracy thanks to the development of proprietary Natural Language Processing technologies, via email or conversational agent.

The received email is classified and organised into one or more mailboxes based on your interests. Topic-based classification with all categories or sub-categories required, classification by importance based on user-defined criteria.

The intent and mood of a customer is known so that a response can be given in a timely manner to meet the customer’s needs.

Automatic responses are generated that are fully adapted to the topic and to the customer’s mood. These responses can be sent directly or after user monitoring.

Your customers’ operational and real-time conversational needs are met through conversational agents. The integration process is simple and adaptable to customer needs.

The goal

With our Natural Language Processing services, all knowledge is adapted to the customer’s situation, in search of:

• High levels of accuracy.

• High integration capability with existing customer service channels.

• Improved accuracy of generic solutions thanks to proprietary technology, specialising in Spanish and co-official languages.

• High information storage capacity for reporting and monitoring system.

Success stories

One of Spain’s most important professional football clubs had a problem responding to its members via email. This was mainly due to the sheer volume of emails received and the wide variety of topics of the emails.

Thanks to DAIL solutions, this process has been automated in different stages. Firstly, the mailbox is automatically organised by user-defined topics.

Secondly, the responses to all these emails are managed (automatic response, recommended response or manual response)
as required by the user. This has meant:

• A deduction in resources allocated to this activity (Lower cost). 6 full-time resources (at certain times of the year).

• Improved capacity to organise requests and respond to them (Process improvement).




High quality automated processing of customer interactions using Natural Language Processing.


Our service adapts to customer needs with the creation of specific language models.


Simple implementation process and integration with customer channels


Expert team in linguistics and computing with in-house solutions and experience with native solutions in Spanish.

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